Gravitational Mystery Spots

of the United States





Explained Using the Theory of Multidimensional Reality









Douglas B. Vogt













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The author is grateful for the help he received from Mr. Vic Ardelean who supplied his motor home to travel to the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz CA, the Confusion Hill in Piercy CA, and Magnetic Hill in Petaluma, CA. He also helped me perform the experiments there.


I would like to thank my wife, Susan, for doing the proofreading and some editing of this book.


I would like to thank Mr. Terry Cooper; manager and son of the owner of the Oregon Vortex for letting me do the experiments there and for the information he shared with me.


I would like to thank Mr. Bruce Willis, owner of Confusion Hill, for letting me do the experiments there.


I would like to thank Bernard, the manager of the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot for letting me do the experiments there and to his staff for sharing miscellaneous information with me.


Excerpts of the mythology sections were taken from my previously published book, Reality Revealed; The Theory of Multidimensional Reality © 1977.






Published by Vector Associates

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Gravitational Mystery Spots of the United States



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To the Sons of light who fought

Piso and his five sons of darkness since 66.









Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer,

And He that formed thee from the womb:

I am the Lord, that maketh all things;

That stretched forth the heavens alone;

That spread abroad the earth by Myself;

That frustrateth the tokens of the impostors,

And maketh diviners mad;

That turneth wise men backward,

And maketh their knowledge foolish;


Isaiah 44:24-25

Table of Contents




      An anomaly is something that deviates from the normal reality and is outside the scientific explanation. A phenomenon is a fact or event that exists in time and space that defies accepted scientific explanation. These phenomena are really a special portal in the fabric of our reality that let us perceive what existence truly is. We try to understand what we see and sense by applying the scientific philosophies we have been taught. For the past fifty years our scientific instruments have outstripped out ability to understand what they are measuring, detecting, and “seeing”. Over the past 100 years science has changed from a classical Newtonian model of the universe to a relativistic Einsteinian approach to finally a quantum mechanical approach with subatomic particles and quarks making up matter. All of these approaches are based on a matter-oriented theory of existence, the idea that matter is the dominant thing in the universe, that the interaction of all forms of matter, from molecules to particles, cause and explain the world we live in. Over the past forty years the list of unexplained phenomena have grown to a substantial number in all the major fields of science. The question is: When will their house of cards come crashing down around their square caps, forcing a new philosophy of science to emerge?

      In the 1968 motion picture, Planet of the Apes, we see man returning to a future earth.  The apes have evolved and man has devolved. If viewers of the movie thought that evolution was the theme of the movie, they missed the most im­portant point. The film was showing how ignorance is institu­tionalized in politics, religion, and in higher education.  The elders of the apes knew there was something past the “forbidden zone.” They knew that there was a more advanced civilization before theirs and it was not descended from them. To keep control of the masses, certain thought processes had to be repressed.

      Mankind’s institutions have been just as kind to us as apekind’s institutions were to them.  Only certain kinds of thinking or non-thinking are rewarded in our world.  There is no financial reward in thinking creatively.  There are financial rewards for thinking “properly.” “Properly” is the way we have been taught to accept.

      So the question I pose to you is: Why did I write a book about some gravitational anomalies on the west coast of North America and why are they important? Most of them are tourist oddities operated by small families attracting a dozens of tourists daily. All claim the “shrink and grow” phenomenon and all have a crocked two room shack built on them. Critics would say: So what is so special about an optical illusion? The definition of an illusion is: a misleading image presented to the vision. The answer is these are not illusions and time changes dynamically inside these gravitational vortex anomalies. Their importance is they prove that the traditional explanation for gravity (the general theory of relativity) is wrong!

      What is wrong with the “accepted” philosophy of science? The foundation of our scientific theories of existence are based on a matter-oriented theory of existence. Matter is the dominant thing in the universe. I believe this is the fundamental error our society has made. It is leading to a dead-end in scientific thought. The only other alternative for explaining the workings of the universe is that information is the dominant thing in the universe. The information, from another dimension, creates the matter world we live in.

      My first philosophy of science book was Reality Revealed: The Theory of Multidimensional Reality written in 1977. As far as I know, it was the first time in history anyone had presented an information theory of existence and applied it to many of the phenomena in our universe, including what causes the ice ages, polar reversals, mass extinction’s, creation of new species, great flood, and other events all happening at the same time geologically.

      With this book I wanted to choose a narrowly focused phenomena that the average person could go see for themselves, experience, test, and photograph. After that they could read my explanation using the Theory of Multidimensional Reality and decide for themselves.

      I investigated four sites during the week of June 1 to June 9th 1996. They were the Oregon Vortex in Gold Hill Oregon, Magnetic Hill east of Rohnert Park, California, the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, California, and Confusion Hill in Piercy, California. We were at each location for one day except for the Oregon Vortex, where I stayed there for an extra day. Chapter 1 covers the scope of the experiment and what I was looking for. Chapters 2 through 5 cover the results from each location. Chapter 6 goes into an in-depth explanation of the Theory of Multidimensional Reality that explains the phenomena observed. In Chapter 7 I explain what mechanism is causing these strange phenomena.

      The first thing I that should be done is explain to you what the traditional explanations of gravity are and what some of the important equations are. This is so you can identify for yourself what theory makes sense and what doesn’t.

Traditional Explanation of Gravity

      The classical definition of gravity, as presented by Sir Isaac Newton, is that gravity is proportional to the mass of an object or planet and inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the center of the two objects or planets. Newton presents two propositions in the Law of Universal Gravitation.

      1.   There is a power of gravity pertaining to all bodies, proportional to the several quantities of matter which they contain.

      2.   The force of gravity towards the several equal particles of any body is inversely as the square of the distance of places from the particles.

      The law is expressed by this equation F = Gm1m2/d2, where m1  and m2 are any two masses, d is the distance between the two objects, F is the force of gravity between the two objects, and G is the universal constant (6.670 x 10-8 dyne cm2 gm-2).

      In the early part of the twentieth century (1916) Albert Einstein developed his General Theory of Relativity which incorporates his theories on gravitation. He assumed that gravity is a physical effect produced by the curvature of a four-dimensional space-time, with the fourth dimension being time. Where Newton had four index tensors or vectors to describe the curvature of space-time, Einstein uses ten tensors of Riemannian’s space-time geometry.

      The important thing to remember is with both approaches gravity is due to mass. Height or size is directly proportional to the gravitational field the object is in. With the General Theory of Relativity, time slows down and objects get smaller when they are in the proximity of a strong gravitational field. The shrink and grow phenomenon found at all three gravitational vortexes have been explained away by saying that there is some large meteor or metal mass buried down below. All three attractions have reported greater than a 7% size change in their vortexes. Such a size change would represent a mass of such great density or size that it is implausible such a body exists in the geological areas where these attractions are situated. I will show, using the results of the experiments that the traditional theories of existence do not explain what gravity truly is, and what is going on in these gravitational vortexes.

      The scope of this book is not to demonstrate the field equations of the General Theory of Relativity or to try to calculate the size and density of a mass necessary to create the observed effect. I just want the reader to understand that traditional science philosophy cannot explain the observed phenomena at these locations and if they are genuine, then academia, society, and most importantly—you must decide: Do the traditional philosophies of existence fall or do we continue to hide and ignore these very special phenomena? If society chooses the latter, they are sticking their heads in the dirt, as man did in the dark in  thinking that the flat earth was the center of the universe.

Gravitational Vortex Anomalies of the United States

      Listed below are all the gravitational anomalies we know of in the United States. I have tested only the four mentioned above. I have not tested the others and, therefore, I cannot authenticate their genuineness. Their distribution throughout the United States will enable readers to travel to these sites and do their own testing and make up their own mind. Some of these locations are not commercial attractions. Some are just a stretch of road such as Magnetic Hill, California. These locations I have place an asterisk (*) next to. Chapter 1 covers the experiments, procedures, and equipment, so you can duplicate the same experiments and see if you get the same results.


Rose Point*, Sedona, Arizona


The Mystery Spot, 465 Mystory Spot Rd., Santa Cruz, California 95063               (408) 423-8897

      Has a two-room cabin, has shrink and grow phenomenon, on the side of a hill.

      Discovered 1940, 150’ in diameter.

Confusion Hill, 75001 North Hwy 101, Pierce, California 95587                     (707) 925-6456

      Has a two room cabin, has shrink and grow phenomenon, on the side of a hill.

      Discovered 1949, 100’ in diameter.

Gravity Grade*, Mt. Baldy, Pomona, California

Magnetic Hill*, Lichau Rd, Petaluma, California

      Automobiles appear to roll up the hill. 300’ long.


Spook Hill* (a stretch of road), N. Wales Drive, Lake Wales, Florida

      Automobiles appear to roll up the hill.

The Mystery Spot, St. Augustine, Florida


Mystery Hill, 7611 US Hwy 12, Irish Hill, Michigan 49265                         (517) 467-2517

      Has a two room cabin, claims shrink and grow phenomenon, on the side of a hill.

The Mystery Spot, 150 Martin Lake Rd., St. Ignace, Michigan 49781             (906) 643-8322

      Has a two room cabin, claims shrink and grow phenomenon, on the side of a hill.      Discovered 1953, 300’ in diameter.

North Carolina

Mystery Hill, 129 Mystery Hill Ln. Off Hwy 321, Blowing Rock, North Carolina 28605   (704) 264-2792

      Has a two room cabin, claims shrink and grow phenomenon, on side of a hill.

      Discovered 1950.


Mystery Hill, 8232 Harbor Blvd., Marblehead, Ohio 43440                               (419) 798-5230

      Has a cabin, claims shrink and grow phenomenon, on side of a hill.


The Oregon Vortex, 4303 Sardine Creek Rd., Gold Hill, Oregon 97525                (541) 855-1543

      Has a two room cabin, has shrink and grow phenomenon, on side of a hill.

      Discovered 1935, 165’ in diameter.

Uncanny Canyon*, Crater Lake, Oregon; Exact location unknown.

Unnamed area, located near Coquille, Oregon; Exact location unknown.


South Dakota

The Cosmos of the Blackhills, 3616 W. Main, Rapid City, South Dakota 57702   (605) 343-9802

      Has a two room cabin, claims shrink and grow phenomenon, on side of a hill.

      Discovered 1952.

New Brunswick, Canada

Magnetic Hill*, Trans Canada Hwy 2 (near Mountain Rd.), Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 5B2

(506) 384-2350

      Automobiles appear to roll up the hill. Discovered 1933.


Mystery Hill, Dudley Creek Rd. and US 441, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Attraction not open.


The Wonder Spot, Hwy 12 (Exit 92), Lake Delton, Wisconsin 53940               (608) 254-4224

      Has a two room cabin, on side of a hill.

      Discovered 1948. 55’ in diameter.


The Teton Mystery, S. Hwy 89, Box 1412, Jackson, Wyoming 83001               (307) 733-4285

      Has a cabin, claims shrink and grow phenomenon, on the side of a hill.

      Discovered 1939. Smaller then 100’ in diameter.