Gravitational Mystery Spots of the United States

ISBN: 0-930808-04-5, 88 pages, with illustrations.

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      Gravitational Mystery Spots of the United States is the first book that scientifically explains the gravitational anomalies found in the United States. The book does this by using the authors Theory of Multidimensional Reality. An Information Theory of Existence. The experiments were done at the Oregon Vortex, Confusion Hill, Santa Cruz Mystery Spot and Magnetic Hill, CA. The experiments involved time, size and force experiments.

      This historically important book explains why people and objects get smaller as they approach the center of these vortexes. Find out why it takes greater force to push a weight towards the center of the vortex than away. Find out why trees bend inside the vortex. The author did time experiments in these gravitational anomalies and found that time sped up and sometimes slowed down. The “flow” of time was changing dynamically over time!


      The Oregon Vortex and the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot were familiar to the author because of previous visits five and ten years earlier. Mr. Vogt wanted to set up some experiments that would test the phenomena and quantify the results. The attractions claimed the following phenomena:


1. Objects and people would shrink and grow depending on where the individuals stood in relation to the center of the gravitational anomaly. That means a person or object who was closer to the center of the anomaly would be shorter than the object further away or outside the area.

2. A dead weight hanging freely from above would be harder to push towards the center of the anomaly than away from it.

3. The percentage of the shrink and grow phenomenon would vary over time. The change in height would vary from one day to the next and sometimes during the same day.

4. Standing objects would tend to lean into the center of the anomaly.

5. Compasses did not work properly within the anomaly.

6. The Oregon Vortex claimed the anomaly was acting like it was a vortex flowing or moving.

7. Some people would get headaches in the anomaly.

8. Some people would have relief of pain in the vortex.

9. Some trees would grow with a noticeable counter-clockwise twist or some branches would grow curved following the vortex lines of “force”.


      The author had performed some time tests with a 25 MHz crystal oscillator. The results obtained were very encouraging and warranted a more in-depth study. The description of the equipment brought to the text sites is listed in Chapter 1 which you can read from here.


ISBN: 0-930808-04-5, 88 pages with illustrations. from Vector Associates  $16.95.



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The following are some pictures of the results of the sharing and grow observation.

      The stand created was seven feet six inches long. The attached Chapter 1 shows the diagram of the test stand. the third picture is showing only the two polls clearing a5.24% decrease in size going towards the center of the vortex. Below is some examples of the time experiments. The zero on the graph represents the center of the vortex. The first graph shows the 25 MHz  infrequence standard decreasing in frequency. the next Graph shows the frequency increasing as it approaches the center. The third graph shows when the crystal was placed in the vortex for five hours. The frequency changed over time. The book also show when the frequency changed dynamically over very short periods of time when people walked into the vortex after the vortex was empty for a period of time.


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